Brahmeshwar Temple

Brahmeswar Temple (c. 1050) is an architectural marvel of the matured Orissan temple building skills and style. Exhibiting a bit of affinity with the more ancient Mukteswara Temple in terms of sculptural iconography such as decoration of the Jagmohana (porch) with lion head carvings, the temple also incorporates certain innovative ideas like introduction of a great number of musicians and dancers on the exterior walls, and the use of iron beams in the construction for the very first time.

Rajarani Temple

Built in the 11th century AD Rajarani temple stands majestically in a green field. Dedicated to Lord Brahma it was constructed around the 11th century. It has no presiding deity now .There is a beautiful 59 feet high tower in the temple. The temple is famous for its beautiful sculptural art of erotic postures of mithuna couple, nayikas, nymphs, gajasimha and other exquisite stone carvings.

Mukteswar Temple

The Mukteswar temple was built around the 10th century AD belonging to later phase of Kalinga School of temple architecture. It has shown tales from Panchatantra with the images of Buddhist, Jaina and Hindu pantheon. Dedicated to Shiva as Mukteshwar, meaning "The Lord who bestows freedom through yoga" the tower of the temple measures 10.5 m. The most exquisite part of the temple is the torana.

Parasurameswar Temple

Parasurameswar temple one of the oldest Siva temples is made on the Kalinga School of temple architecture. Built in 650 AD it is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is exquisitely carved with the intricate carvings of elephant and horse processions, human figure, floral motifs and the bust of Shiva. You can see the Shahastra lingam or the 1000 small lingams joined together at the corner of the courtyard.

Vaital DeulTemple

One of the oldest temples (late 8th century), Vaital Deul Temple’s striking feature is the shape of its sanctuary tower. The semi-cylindrical shape of its roof--a leading example of khakhara order of temples--bears an affinity to the Dravidian gopuram of the South India temples.